2013: The Year for a New Travel Adventure

The end of the world has come and gone uneventfully, leaving us with ample opportunity to start new travel adventures. Instead of being an ordinary tourist, why not take a different road and sample adventurous routes in India, Morocco or France?



From deserts to jungles, mountains to beaches and various rivers, lakes and canals; the large and varied terrain in India, makes it the ideal place to go on an adventure. If you are an active person, then you should consider elephant rides in the jungle or trekking through the mountains to experience the abundance of wildlife and historic cities. Not to mention the opportunity to go white river rafting on a range of Indian rivers.

Travelling around in India can be an adventure on its own. There are so many various modes of transportation that will expose you to some of the culture and lifestyles of various communities. Whether you choose to travel on the packed roads on a motorbike, bicycle or rickshaw, you are bound to have an incredible memorable experience. Of course, if you just want to get around quickly there are plenty of cheap internal flights available with the local airlines like Jet Airways or Tiger.


The colours, scenery and flavours of Morocco are patiently laying in wait to be explored. Start off your trip to Morocco by exploring the bustling streets of the ancient medina for some shopping and sampling of tasty foods. The food and culture is unique and flavoursome. The specific manner in which the food is prepared and seasoned is replicated all over the world. However, discovering the source of this seasoning and visiting tradition spice markets will have you on a culinary adventure of a life time.

An adventure in the desert is unique and intense. Roll up your sleeves and go on a mule trek into the mountains, a camel caravan to a campsite and enjoy the stillness around the fire in the Sahara. Outside the desert, there are great mountain passes that can be experienced on foot, camel or even adrenalin pumping bike rides.

Skiing In France

The biggest and most sophisticated ski resorts can be found in France. So, a travel adventure on the French slopes is a great choice. There are many packages available which cater from groups, families, experienced or beginners. So, you don’t need to be deterred by your skiing ability. The slopes are easy to access and many provide training before your first step. You can also pick from some of the most luxurious ski chalets or budget accommodation.

Ski resorts provide many other activities alongside skiing, such as snowboarding and sledge rides. The adventure continues though those activities not to mention the social aspects of interacting with tourist and locals from all over the world. With so many different resorts, why not consider travelling around on day passes to experience the various slopes to the fullest extent.

This year,  consider stepping outside your comfort zone and making your travel experience unique and fascinating. Instead of the usual accommodation, food and activities be brave and view the world with different eyes. This way of travelling is not just for the wandering nomads; it’s a great experience for couples and families too.