Top Rated Cruise Ship Facilities For A Fantastic Holiday

Every cruise ship is different and has facilities which set it apart from the others. Most boats have gyms, a huge choice of restaurants and bars, theatres where live shows take place on a nightly basis and a gaming arcade. There are, however, some rarer facilities which you won’t find on every boat. We’ve found eight of the best of them:


Most boats offer you the chance to exercise while on board, but relatively few offer their passengers a nine-hole mini golf course and a chance to use a golf simulator. A number of Royal Caribbean’s boats, including the Brilliance Of The Seas, offer you the chance to play a few holes on the high seas.

Ice Skating

Picture it, you’re sailing across the middle of the ocean on a huge boat, the last thing you imagine you imagine you’ll be able to do is to lace up some skates and push out onto an ice rink. But on all of the Oasis Class, Freedom Class and Voyager Class on Royal Caribbean boats you will be able to learn to skate and also watch fabulous shows with professionally trained skaters.

Water Parks and Flowriders

A number of boats have an array of slides and fountains on-board, but some, including all the ships in Royal Caribbean’s Freedom class, have a flowrider. This is basically a set-up that allows you to simulate surfing over some glorious waves while your boat travails the ocean.


When she was built in 2003, the Queen May 2 was the largest cruise ship ever constructed, and what better way to show how colossal your new ship is then to include an on-board planetarium. 150 people can fit underneath the enormous ceiling installation, meaning you can see the stars at any time of the day or night.

Boxing Ring

A number of Royal Caribbean’s boats also include a boxing ring and offer passengers the chance to spar with professional trainers. They’ve not starting allowing cruise goers to fight each other yet however…

Zip Line

On the Oasis of the Seas, passengers are actually able to zip line from one end of the boat’s main deck to the other. It’s not the most advanced piece of technology, but it sure looks fun.

Shooting Range

The Royal Princess cruise liner will open in early 2013 and is set to include an on-board laser shooting range. Princess cruises haven’t released too many details about what this will actually look like, but have confirmed it will be the first ever shooting range out at sea.

Lawn Bowls/Croquet Pitch

The Royal Princess will also feature a lawn court, similar to the kind of pitch you see elderly members of society dressed in white playing bowls on. It will be used for croquet, bowls and lawn bowling, out at sea. How amazing.

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