Vivid Lakes and Lagoons around the World

The natural occurring substance of H20 is usually a clear liquid. It is sometimes tinted blue in nature when it reflects the sky, and sometimes tinted brown from minerals and soils that leech into it. So when water sources take on colours that vastly differ from the three above, they quickly become much-loved attractions; and none more so than the below lakes and lagoons:

Green Lake (Grüner See), Upper Styria – Austria

This lake is one of the most unusual ones around, as it is only seen during the warmer months each year. It is formed when a fertile valley is flooded by the snow melting off of the Hochschwab Mountains, turning the once lush meadow into a watery playground. Snorkelers and divers will get to view a surreal landscape with fish swimming through tree branches, and aquatic plant life draping themselves over wooden benches.

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik – Iceland

A blue lagoon doesn’t sound too thrilling to visit; after all, most lagoons are blue, aren’t they? However, a trip to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland will certainly stick in your mind, as it’s surrounded by fairytale-esque lava formations. Here, the geothermal waters can be relaxed in, and vary from being a pale icy blue, to a deeper neon colour. They are drawn up from the earth by the nearby geothermal power plant, and are full of mineral rich composites.

Blue Lagoon geothermal waters

Blue Lake Cave (Gruta Lago Azul), Bonito – Brazil

Situated in a cave system in Brazil, the Blue Lake Cave is the most fantastic one to view, with a roof covered in jagged stalactites and the vivid azure waters, edged in emerald greens. The water has a high composition of calcium and magnesium, and divers who’ve been given special permission to enter these waters have discovered fossilised remains of prehistoric animals, like the sabre-toothed tiger.

Blue Pond, Hokkaido Japan

This man-made pond was originally intended to be a dyke, to block a volcanic mudslide that threatened the area. What was unexpected was the fact it turned into a fantasy setting with rich aquamarine waters. Twenty years later, it’s a tourist attraction, though no one is quite certain about what causes the intense colour. It is a must see, if only to glimpse the eerie birch trees that grow out of the waters, and the emerald forest surrounding it.

Blue Pond in Autumn

Lago Bacalar, Bacalar – Yucatan

Called the Lake of Seven Colours due to the different blue spectrums that the waters take on during different times of the day, Lago Bacalar is one of the deepest lakes in Yucatan. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Mexico, and visitors can enjoy swimming, kayaking, or snorkelling in it. There are also a variety of ruins in the surrounding area which beg for exploration.

Lac Rose, Cap Vert peninsula – Senegal

Lac Rose, also called Lake Retba in Senegal, is one of the most fantastic places on earth. It has a high salt concentrate, similar to the Dead Sea, and has algae in the water which gives it the bright pink colour. The best time to come is in the dry season, when the waters take on the tinge of a pink milkshake.

Laguna Colorada, Potosi Bolivia

Translated to English, Laguna Colorada means Red Lake, and it takes on this colour from red sediment and algae in the waters. There are numerous small borax islands within it that appear bleached white, and stand out quite nicely in comparison to the red waters.

Flamingos in Laguna Colorada


Jökulsárlón Lagoon Iceland

Though technically not a vivid lake, this lagoon filled with glaciers is quite beautiful. Pictures taken here, depending on the time of day, will have an array of colourful sunsets and sunrises which will paint the waters in various hues for a brief time. These colourful skies not only tinge the waters, they reflect off the glaciers creating a fairytale landscape visitors cannot help admiring.

Author Bio: Rose McBain is a writer for TravelGround, a Bela-Bela accommodation and booking website. She currently resides in Cape Town, and is itching for the chance to explore a few more countries, with her fantastic and supportive husband in tow.