Moorish Morsels in Barcelona

Many countries have tried to copy some of the most famous dishes when it comes to Tapas but they just can’t live up to the traditional Spanish cuisine home-made in Spain. Tapas has become an increasingly popular cuisine around the world mainly because it’s great for sharing and you can have almost anything you want with the wide variety of choice. Some of the best tapas restaurants can be found in Catalonia, so once you’ve got your cheap accommodation in Barcelona sorted, you can splash out a bit when it comes to eating out.

Barcelona pretty much tops the list when it comes to having great hostels. They are usually comfortable and central, so you don’t waste time on travelling into the heart of the city. Barcelona also has some of the best tapas restaurants and bars;  tourists have high expectations and want to experience Spanish cuisine so there are hundreds to choose from!  Here are three types of tapas bars that you might want to try out.


This family-run restaurant has a great range of tapas on offer and a stunning Menu of the Day which includes a main course, wine, dessert and coffee for under 10 €. One of their specialties is zarajos, from Cuenca – you need to be a bit more adventurous to try this one – it’s lamb’s intestines wrapped up in vine leaves, skewered and rolled in breadcrumbs before being fried – and it’s delicious.   Ensure you go just after peak busy times to get the best service and atmosphere. There is also a very pleasant terrace, so you can enjoy your meal with a view. Vegetarians will also be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of dishes, as being a ” veggie” in Spain can be quite tough! Located at Carrer Girona 162,  Eixample you’ll get a good meal that’s affordable in very nice place – good value all round!

Tapa Tapa

As a chain it’s instantly recognisable, so you can guarantee finding it in various places around the city – so it’s a great ‘plan B’ if you can’t find anything else. Some are better than others – the outlets away from the centre have a good reputation, because Spanish people use these too! There is a huge range of food available, so check what’s fresh off the griddle inside and aim for clean tasting morsels to keep you going.

La Alcoba Azul

This is a well known tapas bar with a great variety of food on offer,  reasonably priced. It only has a few tables, so book a table if you are wanting to have a meal.   The atmosphere along with the food and drink makes for the perfect Spanish night out. Located at Carrer Sant Domenec del Call, 14, it’s unmissable – a tiny room, with stone walls, and a glass floor so you can inspect a section of ancient Spanish road,  without having to ruin your footwear! Perfect for a special dinner, or as a respite from the crowds – sit back and sip a glass of ice cold cava!

These restaurants are located in the heart of Barcelona. Pere Tarrés has a great choice of convenient accommodation in the heart of Barcelona, so you can stay out late, just like the Spanish do – and still be home in good time, ready for another day of life in the city.