Enjoy The Best of Edinburgh

If you’re visiting Scotland then there’s a good chance that Edinburgh is on your list of places to visit.  There’s plenty to do in Edinburgh and some of the best things to see are free! So whether you are staying in a hotel, Guest House or one of the grand old Edinburgh apartments you’re never going to be short of experiences.


Firstly, you can climb Arthur’s Seat.  At over 823ft high the large landscape of hills and rocky crags sits in Holyrood Park and is great for when you need a refreshing long walk. When you reach the top, you’ll  be rewarded with absolutely stunning views of  historic Edinburgh.  So if you want to see the city in one panoramic view – put your walking shoes on get to Arthur’s Seat.

Royal Botanic Gardens

If you enjoy plant life, consider a trip exploring the Royal Botanic Gardens.  It covers a mind-blowing 70 acres including a memorial garden to The Queen Mother, examples of Chinese rock gardens and fantastic victorian greenhouses, devised to display the latest horticultural finds.

There’s also the Writer’s Museum,  which sits just off the Royal Mile. The Mile is one of Edinburgh’s oldest streets and  worth visiting in its own right.  The Writer’s Museum details the live of famous writers such as Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott.  It’s free to get in (although donations are appreciated) and proves to be an interesting day out for the whole family.

Try and time a visit to Edinburgh that will coincide with one of their famous Art festivals.   The Edinburgh Peforming Arts Festival usually starts at the beginning of August and features hundreds of acts – running throughout the city, on a 24 hour basis. Many of the acts are completely free to see.  Edinburgh also has a thriving art scene, and many fine galleries and exhibition rooms, so check with the tourist board for the latest displays in the city. There’s the Vogrie Autumn Festival held in October, celebrating the seasonal changes, and the Linlithgow Festival, held over the whole month of October – this is an arts festival celebrating opera, theatre and good wine! There are over 400 seperate things to do, see and experience over the next 8 weeks in Edinburgh, so make sure you have a look at whats on in Scotland before you set off on your trip. If you can expand your trip,  city base apartments would be a perfect base for diving into life in Edinburgh and further afield.

Museum of Childhood

Finally, an attraction that is free to get in and ideal for adults and children alike is The Museum Of Childhood.  This museum is a wonderful blast-from-the-past for adults as it gives you a glimpse into the past where you’ll see classic games and plenty of toys that you might have used in your own childhood.  Children will love it too; they can see how much things have changed and what sort of toys their parents used to play with – just one generation before the Playstation!