Las Vegas  Honeymoon Destination

There is every reason why Las Vegas is right up there as the top entertainment hub in the world. This is evident through the numerous casino resorts, discotheques, shopping malls and other entertainment spots. It’s a place to let loose and have fun, which normally entails much drinking, dancing and gambling. It’s also a great venue for a honeymoon!

Romantic Hot Spots

There are numerous must-visit spots for honeymooners in Las Vegas.  One of these romantic places is the Bellagio Fountains. Situated along the Las Vegas Boulevard, it is home to a magnificent 8.5 acre lake that shoots water up to 460 feet. The mind-boggling thing about it, is the way it performs a choreographed dance to Frank Sinatra’s “One Singular Sensation.” You won’t have to fork out a single cent to witness this man-made wonder.

Las Vegas is a great wedding destination. The bright lights and the charming people provide the right atmosphere for a memorable marriage ceremony. Finding a Priest to preside over the exchange of vows is also a walk in the park. These are no ordinary Priests but customized men and women of the cloth. For instance, couples who are fans of Elvis Presley can have his look-alike preside over their ceremony or have their favourite celebrity impersonators join them in holy matrimony. Many hotels also have on-site wedding organizers and chapels.

Things To Experience

Can’t get to Venice in Italy? No problem; Vegas provides a viable option through the Venetian canals. Here,  you can try out a gondola ride with a Gondolier  serenading you! It’s great fun, since no-one is taken in by the faux  bridge, the mock cobblestone streets and buildings.

Lovebirds on a tour of Las Vegas can also choose to fly away into the city skies. They can enlist the services of the many local companies that specialize in helicopter tours. While in the air, couples can enjoy the Grand Canyon, one of nature’s most spectacular places.  The bird’s eye view would also allows you to see the Las Vegas strip at night.

Wine tasting is another event that all couples should attend before leaving Las Vegas. M Resort is one such place that organizes regular wine tasting festivities.  The wine cellar is home to 160 wine varieties for the tasting pleasure of those in attendance. These wines repressent the most exquisite wine varieties from places such as Italy, South Africa, Spain and France.

While attending to matters of the heart, it is also wise to attend to matters of the stomach. A dinner cruise is the perfect combination of romance and dinner. In this regard, couples can sample the beauty of Lake Mead via a paddle boat.  During the visit, lovers can fill up their stomachs with midday and brunch sightseeing ventures. There is also the option of a dinner cruise – a great way to end the day.

For lovers who fancy an adrenaline rush, a roller coaster ride at New York New York will have you grinning from ear to ear. This machine moves at a speed of 67 miles per hour and is a sure bet to increase your heartbeat!

And when you need to wind down, numerous hotels in Las Vegas offer massage services through their spa service.  It is a perfect way to relax after spending the day together.

When people talk of honeymoon destinations, places like Paris, Cancun and Bahamas come to mind.  Las Vegas is another great destination for lovers but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so check out the cheap flights to Las Vegas and visit the price comparison site