Experiencing New England in the Fall should be on everyone’s bucket list writes Kevin Caldwell who writes on behalf of  Bricktown OKC Hotels.

For years, I had heard that the changing color of the leaves in New England was a sight to be seen. Words cannot accurately describe the distinct beauty visitors experience when leaf peeping in New England, which made the wonder of it all that much more appealing.

Leaves change at varying times each year in the northeast and no one can tell you the absolute best time to go, but generally leaves begin to change color in late September and continue through the beginning of November. The best predicted time to leaf peep in New England is early October; however this is considered peak season and crowds seem to be at their busiest this time of the month. We aren’t bothered by crowds and didn’t want to chance missing the changing of the colors, so we booked our trip and traveled to New Hampshire and Vermont the first weekend in October.

Upon arriving in Stowe, Vermont we took a quick drive through the village, yes they are still considered villages, and we stopped at every single covered bridge to take a picture. We were not alone in our photography endeavor. You cannot turn your head without spotting a camera lens in Stowe. The village itself is quaint and as picturesque as a post card. As a matter of fact, the pictures I took came out more beautiful than the postcards I returned home with. We booked our week long stay at the Arbor Inn, which was a smaller, refurbished bed and breakfast tucked neatly away from the hustle and bustle of the village on quiet Mountain Road.

The inn is owned and operated by a lovely couple, Cody and Michael, who make it their priority to ensure that the needs of all of their guests are met. Arbor Inn was one of the most inexpensive bed and breakfasts in Stowe and also one of the smallest and this was definitely to our advantage. We received one on one attention and never had to wait long for assistance. Breakfast each morning was abundant and delightful. Cody serves the best bacon and will even give you the recipe upon your departure. His secret: Vermont Maple Syrup. After breakfast each morning, I would head out to the brand new hot tub, which for some reason was always empty, and just enjoy the beauty of the property. While the rooms were a bit dated, the decor and antique fireplace lent itself to the nostalgia that one would expect from a Vermont bed and breakfast.

From the research I found it was recommended to make reservations as early as 6 months prior to traveling to ensure availability at restaurants. Boy was I glad I made reservations, because most of the restaurants we dined at were packed to capacity. Our first night in Stowe, Vermont we walked to Gracie’s, which was the restaurant next door to our bed and breakfast. Gracie’s, which is affectionately dubbed “Stowe’s Favorite Casual Dining,” served mostly American cuisine. They served everything from praline haddock and shepherds pie sundae to burgers and jambalaya.

Stowe visitors could easily eat at this restaurant every night and always find something new and tasty to try. Gracie’s is known for their unique decor as they pay homage to their love for dogs. You could easily play an entertaining game of “I-spy” and locate every breed of dog portrait hanging on the walls. The prices at Gracie’s were much cheaper than other area restaurants and the dim candle lit tables offered a romantic ambiance. Cliff House Restaurant, Harrison’s, Depot Street Malt Shop, and Blue Bird Tavern are all restaurants that we not only ate at but would also recommend to others.

While in Vermont we enjoyed all that the state had to offer: sailing, biking, hiking Mt Mansfield, alpine sliding, shopping, bars, hanging out under covered bridges, and even some simple people watching in the town square that proved pretty interesting. Embarking on a tour at the famous “Ben and Jerry’s factory” is a must-do. Not only do visitors get to sample freshly made ice cream but they can also take a walk through a cemetery of retired flavors. The people in Vermont are beyond friendly and go above and beyond to make you feel welcome.

One of the perks of the northeastern states is that you can hop in your car and drive just a short distance and be in another state. Before we returned home, we made a two-day stop in Britton Woods, New Hampshire and checked into the grand Mount Washington Hotel. “Wow” is the best word used to describe this hotel. While it is much bigger and grander than the Arbor Inn, the staff at Mount Washington finds ways to personalize your stay to make guests feel like it is there second home.

Every hour the hotel offers a tour and explains the rich history of the hotel. After the tour, guests are invited to the expansive veranda for some hot toddy and breathtaking views. The hotel also offers guests several dining options along with skiing, hiking, tennis, heated pools, and even a bar. The Cave is a prohibition-era speakeasy and provides guests with live music. We were instantly taken back to the days when people used the hotel as a summer long retreat. Before guests leave the hotel, it is imperative that they head out to the courtyard for a fun game of chess on the life-size game set.

Visiting New England in the fall is something that should be experienced by all. There are a plethora of options that one can use to customize their trip to their family’s liking and I can promise travelers will not leave disappointed.

This article was written by Kevin Caldwell on behalf of BricktownOKCHotels.com. Bricktown OKC Hotels helps people find dinning near Bricktown as well as affordable hotels. Visit the site today to learn more about their services.