Laguna Beach For Romance

If you are ready to a see a real romantic getaway, then it’s time to head for Laguna Beach, California.  Laguna Beach is part of Southern California’s premier seaside destinations.  It’s located at the halfway point between Los Angeles and San Diego and it is bustling year round.  It’s the perfect place for art lovers, nature lovers or  beach lovers.  It boasts 7 miles of sand and sea to swim, relax and play on.  The sunsets are breathtaking and the beach house architecture, even more so.  While you drive around your new favorite vacation spot, simply take in the magnificent Laguna Beach houses that dot the coastline.

Art and Culture

Chances are, when you are visiting Laguna Beach, you’ll encounter an art festival where you will find masterworks and shops, live music, public art, and performing arts.  There is plenty of culture abound in Laguna Beach.  There are over 70 pieces of public art placed around the town for you to find and admire.

The best place to start when visiting a new place for the very first time is the town’s Visitor Center.  They will gladly give you all the information you’ll need to make the most of your time while visiting.  They’ll be able to tell you about a hike through Heisler Park,the open air Trolley tour of the town, wine tasting in the Canyon, skimboarding one of Laguna’s Coves, or a visit to California’s oldest museum- The Laguna Art Museum, and there is so much more to do and see!

Let’s not forget all the locations MTV’s series Laguna Beach made famous!  You can check out the restaurants, high school, beaches, and stores that LC, Kristen and Stephen spent so much time at.  A pop culture fan’s dream!

Natural World

Dolphin and whale watching are popular activities for a Laguna Beach vacation.  Snorkeling, surfing, and if the time of year is right, the seals release is spectacular.  You can visit Laguna’s oldest house, the 2nd smallest church in the United States-St. Francis by the Sea, shop local Farmer’s Markets, play volleyball on the beach and swim in marine protected waters.

There won’t be one single day of your vacation that won’t be filled with something new and exciting to do.  Remember, if staying at a confining hotel isn’t your idea of a relaxing vacation, then there are plenty of Laguna Beach houses to rent during your beach getaway.  But, in the end it doesn’t really matter where you decided to stay, you won’t be spending too much time inside if you venture to this amazing, vibrant location on the California coast.

Jill Burbank is an inbound marketer who guest blogs for a variety of online publications. Follow her @JillBurbank2.