Laid-back Locations Which Are Perfect For Relaxation

There are some holiday destinations which are exciting, fast-paced and decidedly white knuckle, but they’re not necessarily everyone’s idea of the perfect places in which to spend a few days. Sometimes, all we really need is somewhere to sit back in the sun, kick off the shoes and let life wash slowly over us. Here are four places in Europe which are perfect for you if you’re looking to chill out and live life in the slow lane.

Cornwall, UK

This beautiful and enigmatic county is located on the south-western tip of England, and it enjoys a reputation as a quiet little backwater that simply will not be hurried. There are some stunning landmarks in Cornwall, and the coastline is rugged and spectacular, but as always getting there is a slow process that allows the traveller to take in the scenery along the way. Driving around the county is an absolute pleasure, but try to remember that life is for living, not for rushing through.

Bodrum, Turkey

Despite the fact that Bodrum is a lively and bustling city, the locals like to encourage tourists to stop and smell the roses along the way. Throughout the shopping quarter you’ll find bars and restaurants that offer customers a shady retreat from the glaring sun, and on a roasting hot day there’s nothing better than a cold beer under a strategically-placed umbrella. And for the ultimate relaxation, head to the harbour and spend an afternoon on the sea, going very slowly to nowhere in particular.

Santorini, Greece

Greece is home to a large number of superb holiday islands, and each one of them has its own individual character. On Santorini, the emphasis is on relaxation and taking life as it comes. Tourists who visit the island soon find it easy to adapt to the more languid pace of life, and once they do that they’re able to make the most of their vacation. You can hire a car on Santorini, but don’t drive it too fast because there’s simply no need.

Portofino, Italy

In the major cities, Italians can be seen in a constant hurry, whether they’re in cars, on motorcycles or walking through the streets. However, in Portofino there is a distinct lack of hustle, perhaps because the location is so beautiful it would be almost insulting to rush through it without admiring the view. Located on the north-western coast of this wonderful country, it’s just as beautiful in a harsh winter as it is in the height of summer.

David Showell is based in the UK and works for a car hire website.