Make The Most Of Their Summer Holiday

The traditional British summer holiday abroad normally consists of a week or two on a Spanish beach crammed in with a load of other visitors from the UK. While there’s nothing at all wrong with Spain, beaches or holiday making Brits, there is a whole different side of the continent waiting to be discovered once you travel onto the mainland. From the architecture of France to the culture of Germany, Europe has plenty to offer.

Best Getaways


Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, is one of the easiest mainland capitals to get to for people travelling from the UK. There are regular ferries making the crossing from Dover down to the Harwich harbour in the Netherlands.


From here you can catch the train to Amsterdam. In the Dutch capital, visitors have plenty to do and see, including the intricate system of canals, Madame Tussauds and the Defense Line, all of which grouped close together in this compact city.


Discovering one of the most beautiful cities in Europe is easy. From London the Eurostar star takes just two hours 30 minutes to arrive in the French capital of Paris, it’s relatively cheap too.

Paris is awash with attractions, chief among which is the Eiffel Tower, the most visited paid monument in the world with over 7 million visitors a year. As well as this iconic structure is the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral, a stunning 128 metre long, 69 metre wide construction that took 128 years to complete. Outside, in the cathedral square is Point Zero, a small marker in the ground from which all distances to Paris are measured.

paris postcard

On the Seine, the river that flows through Paris, is the Île St-Louis, an island that was declared an independent republic in 1930.

Still the fashion capital of the world, this is the place to take your credit card for a big outing. While the children don’t like it, you can send them off exploring (maybe even with your husband!) safe in the knowledge that you bought kids clothes online and have some time for yourself in some of the top fashion boutiques in the world.


Reachable by bus train or plane, Berlin is both Germany’s capital and largest city. Covering an area of 350 square miles, the region is renowned for its wide range of attractions. One such area of interest is Peacock Island, a nature reserve on lake Wannsee that contains Europe’s oldest animal menagerie, as well as an 18th century castle, green houses, and lots of parks.

brandenburg gate berlin

For music enthusiasts, few experiences can beat seeing one of Europe’s most respected orchestras, the Berlin Philharmonic, led by English conductor Sir Simon Rattle, in the Berliner Philharmonie in Berlin. However, even if you don’t get to see the ensemble in action, the art deco concert hall is still worth a look.

If you do start to miss the Spanish beaches however, you can always take a trip to Sahara Sam’s Oasis, a huge indoor water park in Berlin, where it’s always 30 degrees and sunny.