A City Worthy of A Visit

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and every year receives millions of Visitors, it has an economy stronger than any other UK City outside of London and is a force to be reckoned with. So what is there to see in this wonderful city?

The Government Building

Scottish Parliament is held in one of the most unique buildings in the UK, it resides at the end of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in front of the amazing Holyrood Park and Salisbury Crags. Building work for this fabulous piece of art was started in 1999 and completed in 2004, and it opened to a string of controversy and is a building you really have to see to believe. We recommend it as a must see if you are visiting Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle

Located up the top of Edinburgh, looking down across the city, Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s leading tourist attractions and has been around since 340 million BC when it was first created out of volcanic activity. The first signs of residents in the castle is from around 900BC and there is loads more history that we know about since then! Many people describe the story of Edinburgh Castle to be the Story of Scotland.

The Nightlife

The Scottish know how to have a good time and in Edinburgh they have all the facilities to ensure this happens. With plenty of pubs, clubs and fine restaurants it is no wonder this city has a thriving nightlife that can compete with the best capital cities across the world. You can experience cuisine from across the world in Edinburgh or you can even try some of Scotland’s finest haggis and scotch whiskey.

Transport Into And Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a major city and its transport routes in and out centre are second to none, so many UK travellers will choose to either fly or take the train as driving to Edinburgh can be quite a long and daunting challenge. With scheduled airlines flying daily from other major cities across the UK this seems the most popular method of getting into Edinburgh, but plenty also use the trains. Once you are in Edinburgh, there are buses around the city,  alternatively you can even take the Hop-on-Hop-off tour buses to see Edinburgh – these tickets are valid for 24 hours and give you a great overview of the City.

For more information about day trips to Edinburgh from London visit SightseeingToursLondon.co.uk or you can click here for some great day tours.