A wedding is a special day wherever the ceremony and party is held, but let’s be honest here: the church/party venue combination can get a little old, can’t it? If you agree, you may want to look further afield. The world is a big place with many superb destinations, and the other good news is that the world has also never been as small as it has now, with affordable air travel making even the most far flung destinations within reach for your wedding. Your friends and family might just appreciate combining your special day with a little holiday of their own, too…

Before You Go

A lot of people love the idea of getting married somewhere exotic, but there are certain aspects you’ll have to consider that are added on top of the many stresses of getting married at home. There may be legal complications of being married in one country and having it honoured in your home nation. It can also be difficult to organise everything when the event is taking hundreds of miles away and you’re trying to organise with someone who may not natively speak your own language. Make sure you understand well in advance what your wedding package includes and does not include. Also make sure your wedding is properly covered against things that could affect your special day, including cancellation, flight delays, date clashes, and forth. Finally, be sensitive when inviting people to your wedding overseas – it will be an expensive trip for them and not everyone will be able to afford it.

Las Vegas

The City of Sin is the ultimate wedding destination, but we’re not going to pretend it’s a conventional wedding destination, because it’s anything but.

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You probably won’t have that dream sunset or quaint ceremony if you decide to head to the gambling centre of the world for your wedding. You might not even be able to convince some family members and friends to make the trip with you. What’s in Las Vegas? Fun! If you and your fiance love each other’s company and want to get married a place that will allow you to create special memories for the two of you, then Las Vegas might just be the place. You can have an extra party when you back home for the people who couldn’t make it – make your wedding about you and the people who really want to be there. Just make sure you’re sober!

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are a world away from Las Vegas, but they’re just as memorable. Say goodbye to neon lights and nights at the roulette table and hello to the world’s best sunsets, special nights surrounded by your closest friends and family, and a destination wedding that will be the envy of your social circles.

Go Big

Want your wedding to be a truly once in a lifetime event? Host it at one of the world’s most iconic areas. If you have enough cash, you can get hitched just about anywhere. How about getting married not only in the city of love, but also in front of its most famous structure? For around 900 euros, you can exchange your vows in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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Did you and your future spouse backpack Australia in the early days of your love? Then Ayer’s Rock could be the right place – it’s yours for little more than 2000 euros. The Great Wall of China, Great Barrier Reef, and the Magic Kingdom at Disney World are also options. Book worms can even get married at New York Public Library – it’s a bit of an odd choice, sure, but I bet the guests won’t forget it. An all out bargain can be had at Stonehenge in England, where you can get married the truly traditional way for around 500 euros.

But Also…

Don’t feel pressured to get married somewhere exotic or places that seem objectively “special”. Do whatever feels right for you – that could be a lavish wedding in the Maldives, or it could be a simple ceremony in a beautiful of woods that you care deeply about. Remember – it’s a celebration of your love, not a chance to show off!