Thinking of taking a trip to Europe – consider backpacking.

Backpacking through Europe can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong, as on any trip, and it is important to be prepared as best as possible.

A sturdy and waterproof backpack should be the first and most important item you purchase before leaving. Be sure to choose a backpack that fits you comfortably, and won’t get too heavy after a day’s travelling. Be sure to fill the bag with items in the store to test its weight capacity before making a purchase.

Some of the items you should carry in your backpack before leaving for Europe are a Eurail Pass, phone cards, sheets and towel and a comfortable pair of shoes. These items will ensure your backpacking trip runs as smoothly and as comfortable as possible. These items can also help out in case of an emergency, especially if you find yourself stranded somewhere.

Optional extras include a digital camera and a diary, as both are fantastic for recording every step of your holiday. However, a necessity before you depart is a pair of clean comfy socks.