Love to travel alone? Bored of everyday routine hectic life? Want to rejuvenate the soul through travelling solo, away from all the worries of life, away from the social dramas of everyone, getting out of the comfort zone to feel the nature and its wonders? If yes, must read ahead. In recent times solo travel is becoming much more popular among the wanderlust. Whether it is living a few days at one same place or wandering through the mountain valleys without any itinerary, every travel story has a depth of its own. The backpackers have not one but many reasons to wander solo across the country, it can be Soul-Searching or Self-Introspection, volunteering, making new friends along the way, meeting other travellers and share and learn or just to trek in the Himalayas or watch the sunrise view from the window. And there is no shortage of destinations neither adventures in our country, and more the adventurers and travellers, the more fascinating stories to share and connect. Let’s have a look at the top 5 places for solo travel in India.


When we say River Rafting, the first place which comes to our mind is Rishikesh. Famous for its Shivpuri River rafting, Rishikesh lies in the Himalayan Foothills along the Ganga River and has attracted many solo travellers for its scenic beauty. But rafting is not the only thing to enjoy in Rishikesh, trekking in hills, attending the Ganga Aarti, Bungee Jumping, Laxman Jhulla, Neergarh Waterfall or simply enjoying at the mesmerising shore of the Ganga are things to be explored by anyone who’s travelling alone.



The queen of hills! The capital city of Himachal Pradesh, one of the best hill stations in India and one of the most preferred destinations by families, groups or solo travellers. Surrounded by the foothills and enclosing one of the best mall roads in the country, it furnishes the pleasant and blossoming virtues of the valley. For Solo travellers Shimla provides long foothill ranges to trek, serene beauty of the valley to enjoy, visit different other districts at nearby distances such as Kasauli, Chail and Solan and the lavishness of Mall Road and Lakkar Market.


Not everything lies in the Northern part of India. The comforting presence of greenery in Kerala is one of the most highlighted beauties of South India. Kerala has always beckoned solo travellers because of its quietness, the calmness of the rich vegetation and diversity in the backwaters, beaches and canals. It’s refreshing and rejuvenating experience has always made the travellers to visit Kerala again and again. The rich and fertile valleys like Munnar and Thekkady and the picturesque canals as well as backwaters in Alleppey complete the voyager’s soul enthralling journey.


Not every peace is attained in silence and calm. Some find their peace in the chaos and glitter of the city life. Although being a jam packed and crowded city, Mumbai has always attracted travellers from all around the world. Mumbai being a touristy city always offers its charm and attentiveness to everyone, consisting of many famous landmarks such as the Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Haji Ali Dargah and many more. The heart of the Bollywood Film industry city has always been one of the most enchanting places in the country.


Kasol now has become a destination to be on everyone’s wish list. Enclosed in the Parvati valley, Kasol is the most enchanting and enthralling beauty of the Himachal. It has attracted more foreigners than Indians but now it has become the first priority destination of Indian solo travellers whether it’s for trekking or for soul gazing. Its blissful and enchanting beauty is the main reason to mesmerise the travellers and make them visit again and again.

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