If you’ve decided to have a family vacation in the UK then you’ve probably made a good choice. Visiting the UK is an excellent chance to see some beautiful sceneries, as well as architectural styles and places of entertainment. The nature, the culture and the people will utterly amaze you. As I’m certain you will visit all the mainstream places, I will not mention them here. The real magic is discovering places not packed with tourists threatening to blind you with flashes from their countless cameras. At least for me it is.

Isle of Wight

Located in the very South of England, and only a 40-minute ferry ride from Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight is a very good place to visit anytime of the year. You can also get there in your own way, making the adventure start earlier than planned. Whether you and your family want to admire the beautiful beaches and seaside towns or you prefer something less common, like the amazing cliff formations called needles that are on the other side of the island, this place has it all. In addition, you can do this by a car or on foot.

DONT MISS – The Donald McGill Saucy Postcard Museum – great fun and funahs for all the family

Saucy postcards by Donald McGill

My family and I rented bikes and strolled along the coast, either way, it is so much fun. One day is not enough to enjoy this experience to the fullest, so you might want to find a place to stay. It’s convenient to share accommodation with somebody, which is exactly what we did. It was a good price, as well as an opportunity to make friends in the process. We still keep in touch.

Camden Town, London

Every tourist in the UK visits London, that’s for sure. However, many people seem to miss out on seeing Camden Town. It is completely different from all the other parts of London. In Camden you can see a vast variety of people, culture, cuisine etc. Any item you can possibly think of is here: starting from food supplies, spices, decorations to all kinds of clothes and accessories. It is very crowded, but this is a part of the Camden experience, so just keep your children close and you will be all right. Plus, when you are done with the shopping, you can eat at one of the numerous restaurants while listening to some live music.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

This is not for everyone, but who doesn’t like Harry Potter? I had to list it, because the story marked my whole childhood and, even as an adult, I enjoyed this a bunch. This 3-hour tour includes original settings and props from the making of all Harry Potter films. This tour will put you and your family in a cheerful mood while you relive the most exciting scenes from the movies. Some of them will even make you feel like you are actually in this magical world of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Despite being a very popular place for tourists, in this case, the crowd of people will not ruin your exploration of the world of magic. If you and your children are Harry Potter fans, you absolutely cannot miss this.

Regardless if you are in the UK for the first or the tenth time, you can always find things to do and places to see. I like to start with the most popular sites and then progress to the more uncommon and unconventional ones. Whichever place you decide to visit out of the three, you and your family are guaranteed to have a blast! Just choose something that is your cup of tea and start your journey.

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