Europe has a lot to offer the tourist who enjoys driving. A road trip is one of the best ways to see historic landmarks, breath-taking landscapes, and other sights unique to these countries for those looking to expand their cultural horizons. If travelling with family, road tripping offers the chance to create special memories at a family’s own pace.

Switzerland provides a sprawling opportunity for tourists with a diverse range of things to see and do. With a variety of restaurants, shops, and lively cities families have many chances to taste and see the many flavours of this European gem. In between Swiss destinations, the unique perspective of travel by car will take vacationers over a fair share of scenic mountains, providing countless photo ops.

But thought of hours spent together within the confines of a vehicle can make any parent uneasy. Those with small children, especially, might dread the inevitable bickering that blooms from boredom. But plenty of planning ahead and a few clever car accessories can prevent the unpleasant side effects that often accompany road trips.

The car accessories for a successful road trip will help make the entire experience more comfortable. Parents will most appreciate those that stave off boredom. A road trip is the occasion to invest in headrest monitors so kids can watch their favourite movies. During those long stretches of mundane roads, backseat passengers can distract themselves with their favourite characters on headrest monitors. Both television and video gaming is possible on these monitors.

Seven-inch, high-def LED screens provide crystal clear viewing quality for young tykes. Each wireless screen comes with its own DVD player, USB ports, SD readers, and headphone jack to keep the peace by preventing kids from squabbling over movie selection. Custom screens are made by the leading brands, designed to blend in with the fabric and upholstery in the vehicle.

A great playlist of music will also help the time pass as you travel from city to city. Parents can create lists of songs that kids can sing along with as well. Adapters for mp3 players make the time fly, with the possibility for cassette injection, radio transmission or direct AUX input.

Many brands can scan various FM frequencies if travellers want to listen to the local stations, even as they charges the device. All tunes can be channelled through the vehicle’s stereo as the adapter optimizes sound quality and volume. Belkin have transmitters for other MP3 players that will also pump music throughout the car for hours of great listening.

A savvy tourist will also prepare for the worst. No one wants to think of anything going wrong during vacation, but good planning can prevent unpleasant experiences. The emergency solar battery charger is one car accessory that can get individuals out of a bad situation. This device provides a charge for multiple devices in an emergency situation. These include laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It even includes a 12v car battery adapter. The solar battery charger provides vehicles with a charge should a car break down.

Another fantastic car accessory to keep on hand is the 4-in-1 car emergency tool. This gadget can be used as a window hammer, seat belt cutter, tire pressure gauge, and LED flashlight. These various components help keep passengers safe and might even be the difference between life and death in the event of an accident.

There is nothing more thrilling than setting out for a European road trip. Car accessories can make the experience even better. Including a range of accessories covering issues from entertainment to safety will make car travels both safer and more enjoyable.

AUTHOR: David Young is a car enthusiast who, after working as a mechanic for many years, now works with Car Accessories Plus.