What are some of the most surreal places in Bucharest?

Bucharest will unveil many wonderful places to those who want to truly discover it. Even though many know Bucharest as the city that never sleeps or a place where food and drinks are really cheap, there’s much more to it than just that. So here are some of the most surreal places in Bucharest, so beautiful and unique that you will regret not having explored them sooner!

When it comes to public places, such as restaurants, bars or cafes, Bucharest has a lot to offer. All tourists know about the Old Town because here there’s bar after bar and club after club and there are parties and places to eat everywhere. But Bucharest also has a very artistic side which is reflected in the unique design many places here have. Here are some of the most beautiful venues in Bucharest that you should not miss:

Upstairs Rooftop is a colorful and cozy place with a great view over the city. This is the perfect place to watch the sunset while enjoying a cocktail. Also a plus: it is close to Victory Square.

Shift Pub is another must-see place in Bucharest with a minimalist yet unique design. You’ll see green moss at the bar, a fury yet really cool attic and a cozy quiet terrace that will make you forget about all the city noise and chaos.

Eden Garden is situated on Calea Victoriei, behind the Stirbei Palace. But you won’t believe what you will find there! The garden is huge and filled with trees and it is like a piece of heaven in the heart of the city. The ideal place to get cozy in a hot summer day, chat over drinks after work or for gatherings with friends. It should definitely be on your list if you are visiting Bucharest during spring or summer.

But there are many other beautiful terraces and gardens in Bucharest where you can relax and enjoy a cold drink on a hot summer day. Also worth mentioning: Oar Garden, Journey Pub, Verona Garden, Plastilina, which is actually inside a heritage building with a very interesting story and Acuarela, a place known for its many colorful umbrellas that hang over the terrace. Just a few of the cool and out of the ordinary places in Bucharest where you can escape from stress, meet nice people and genuinely enjoy your time.

Infinitea is a lovely tea house in Bucharest with a wonderful garden and tasty cookies that go along perfectly with their delicious teas. Infinitea is situated in Cotroceni neighborhood, one of the most select neighborhoods in Bucharest. It is cozy and usually very quiet, which makes it perfect for a romantic date.

Another surreal place in Bucharest is Carturesti Carusel, a magical bookshop where you’ll want to get lost for hours. This breathtaking concept bookstore that is also known as “The Carousel of Light” is at the very heart of the city, on Lipscani street and it is located inside a restored 19th century building. The impressive 1,000 sq. m bookstore has six floors, including a top floor bistro, a contemporary art gallery and media space. This is more than a place to buy books; Carturesti Carousel is a unique experience on its own and you shouldn’t miss it if you come to Bucharest!

While exploring Bucharest on foot, you should make sure you don’t miss Xenofon street and there’s a very good reason for that. This is the only stair street in Bucharest and it was also beautifully painted by artist Eva Radu. The steps were first embellished with paintings of the most important buildings in Bucharest: Romanian Opera, Romanian Athenaeum, Arch of Triumph, National Art Museum, the monument in Carol Park, National Theatre, Romanian Peasant Museum and Parliament Palace but when the painting started deteriorating, the project initiators decided to do a remake. Now you will see a painting of a beautiful waterfall surrounded by greenery instead of the eight representative buildings in Bucharest.

In 2015 Xenofon street was voted among the most beautiful streets in the world by a site that promotes street art. Definitely a surreal and magical place in Bucharest that deserves to be seen and explored.

Palace of Parliament

This is probably a surprise to no one since every Bucharest tourist attractions guide mentions it. But the truth is that you simply can’t visit Bucharest and not see this communist relic. Most Romanians hate this building because it reminds them of Ceausescu’s megalomania and the communist era but this doesn’t change how impressive this building is. It is the second largest administrative building in the world in terms of surface (after the Pentagon), which is surprising to say the least. Bucharest is a city of great contrasts and the Palace of Parliament is the best proof for that.

Bucharest will constantly surprise you but in a good way! So leave all your prejudices behind and indulge yourself in a fascinating experience.