Travelling to Biarritz, France can be a fun and enriching experience because of its beauty and opportunity. Besides having many beautiful sites to visit, such as the gardens and coast,there are a number of fun activities which must be inclued inany trip to Biarritz. The attractions found in Biarritz appeal to every age, from beautiful gardens and coastline views to French chocolate and recreational destinations.


Beautiful Biarritz has much to do to offer visitors a flavor of French life, both ancient and modern.

Long favoured as a vacation spot by royalty and jet-setters, this great destination features many beautiful and typically French sights sights of a well-preserved city in the French countryside.

In addition to the usual charming French cityscape which greets visitors to Biarritz, there are several sites and experiences which shouldn’t be missed during a visit to this city! Lok forward to nature sites such as the stunning coastline or famous botanical gardens, ancient churches and religious sites, and stylish modern locations for eating and shopping. Within Biarritz, there are ample historical sights and fun things to please everyone! Rather than exhibiting only a view of an old city, Biarritz contains timeless places to visit as well as modern amenities evidencing a vibrant local life.

A list of some of the best:

1. Tour famous Botanical gardensJardinbotaniquelittoral

2. Visit Cote des Basques-breathtaking views of the French coastline

4. Stay in beautifully decorated hotels of all types and pricing

5. Enjoy top restaurants highlighting delicious regional cusine

6. Visit the beautifulAsiatica Musee d’art Oriental–art museum featuring fabulous oriental artwork

7. Tour the Imperial chapel dedicated to the Black Mexican Virgen Notre Dame Guadalupe, an intricately decorated Byzantine structure

8. Visit St-Martin’s Church, a gorgeous structure

9. Stop at the Virgin on the Rock–beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary situated on a rock

10. Enjoy the Musee de la Mer de Biarritz-sea museum in Biarritz

11. Admire the historic Russian Orthodox Church known as Eglise Alexandre Newsky-Enjoy its well-preserved elegance

12 Learn about the Lagoondy Surfcamp–the legendary surf camp offered in Biarritz

13. See the chocolate display highlighting genuine French chocolate

14. Château Vaux le Vicomte –– enjoy this beautifully preserved example of a French estate in all its lush grandeur

15. Experience the Parc des Sports Aguiléra--a large multi-use sportspark and stadium in Biarritz

16. Visit the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry--a large auto racing complex within Biarritz which features a racing festival annually

Biarritz has numerous attractions for the historian as well as the kid-at-heart; the art lover as well as the gardener. Bring your family to experience the diversity that is life in Biarritz. Get a glimpse of a French town in action woven around historical sites and cultural wonders.  Of course, enjoy delicious, amazing French cuisine (and wine, of course!) and some picturesque and quite luxurious accommodations as you settle in for a good time in Biarritz!

+DJL Lalique is the forum of David Weinstein, art and travel afficionado and lover of the artwork of Rene Lalique.  He blogs about Lalique’s art on his website.