Bali For A Paradise Adventure

Bali is a paradise island. Lush rice terraces, temples, rain forests and beautiful coast line, draw in visitors who want to experience adventure, culture and relaxation on a grand scale. Balinese people are friendly and helpful – always ready to lend a hand to travellers going off road!

Hiking Boots On

The Mountain Village of Kintamani can be found 1400 meters above sea level and from the top there are superb views of the landscape. If you love caves, take a trip to Goa Gajah, and see intricately carved  Elephant Cave, chipped out of the rock in the 11th century,  alternatively, Gunung Kawi has tombs carved out the rock face of the gorge found on the Pakerisan River. To view them, be prepared for a nail biting descent through the greenery – cameras at the ready!

Village Life

Celuk Village is the home of Bali’s chief silver and goldsmith workers. Celuk jewellery is intricate and delicate and almost everyone in Celuk is involved one way or another, in the design, creation or selling of balinese jewellery. Ubud Village is  the place for budding artists and has a thriving dance and music scene. You can take traditional music and dance classes here, and they run everything from Kecak, Legong, and Ramayana Ballet – these dance styles are theatrical, intricate and physical challenging. Ubud is about 300 metres above sea level, so it’s cooler climate is great for getting active.


Batubulan is home to The Taman Burung Bird Park is perfect for bird lovers – there are over 250 exotic bird species living here from all over the world. The gardens are magnificent, brimming with tropical plants, water features and a Rain Forest aviary. The café here also encourages visitors to interact with some of the tamer creatures, so you can enjoy a drink with a feathered friend on your chair!

Hire a bike and undertake the Kintamani Volcano tour – the route takes you through secluded villages for an authentic view of Balinese life. Or visit Bedugal, where you can go into the tropical mountain rainforest. Bedugal is a superb spot for photographers – fabulous plants and wildlife surrounds you, but if you fancy seeing some major wildlife, then visit the Bali Elephant Camp, near the old village Carangsari. It’s also close to the Sangeh Monkey Forest – a winner with children! Pala Trees are found here – very rare on Bali, and there is an ancient moss covered Temple to be discovered, where the monkeys lounge in the heat of the day.

Beaches, Rivers and Dolphins

Jimbaran village is located south of the airport in the Teluk Jimbaran Bay. It’s a well known beach spot, but nearby Kute,  retains it’s traditions of night fishing and religious ceremonies – this has been their way of life for centuries.

If you really want to test your nerve, take to the boiling waters of The Ayung River, which is the major river in Bali. Aim for the West side where you can see monkeys, magpies, and swooping bats.

Tanjung Benoa and Sanur coastal resorts have plenty of opportunity for strenuous activity – jet ski-ing and of course, Parasailing, offering up fantastic views of the shore line and greenery beyond. If you like the water, but prefer a more relaxed approach, book a seat on a Dolphin Tour – and enjoy a close encounter with these magical creatures.

Bali has it all, beach life, the great outdoors, culture, fabulous food, history and fun. It’s a holiday for the senses – and this stunning place will make you want to come back again and again.