If you’re looking for a family vacation with a difference, then you should definitely consider packing your bags for Thailand. Although it might summon up images of crazy nights out and young backpackers on motor scooters, you might be surprised to hear that Thailand is also one of the best and most accommodating destinations in Asia for families with young children. Boasting numerous beachfront resorts with plenty of exciting activities for the whole family to take part in, there are several great reasons to put Thailand on your family travel list. We’ll touch on just a few.


Do your kids love animals? If so, then they’ll love taking a trip to Thailand. It’s a wonderful place to encounter wildlife that you’d usually only see at the zoo or on a television documentary. There are several elephant rescue centers that you can visit, such as the Chang Mai Patara Elephant Farm, where you can enjoy an ‘Elephant Owner for the Day’ experience and learn what it takes to look after these beautiful beasts. For kids who love monkeys, Lopburi, just two hours’ drive from Bangkok, is the perfect destination. Affectionately known as the ‘City of Monkeys’, you’ll find them roaming freely around the temples and streets.

Family Friendly Hotels:

When you think of Thailand, you probably get images of backpackers’ hostels and cheap, cheerful places to stay. But, it’s not all like that! In fact, there are several hotels and resorts in Thailand that are perfect for families with small children. Phuket family hotels include everything that your family needs for a comfortable stay and you’ll find many island resorts designed so that you and your family can have an amazing time, with kids’ clubs and playgrounds.

Beautiful Beaches:

Whether you want to unwind and relax or have some fun, Thailand’s array of gorgeous beaches has it all to offer. Many beaches provide the perfect spot for families to place their beach towels and you’ll find several awesome activities for everybody to take part in, such as boat trips, snorkeling, and even scuba diving. If water sports aren’t your thing or your children are a little too young, you can always take advantage of the spacious clean sands with a fun game of ball or tennis.

Amazing Food:

Thai dishes are known for being spicy, but there’s always something to keep the whole family satisfied. From grilled chicken and sticky rice to fruit smoothies and sweet treats, you’re sure to find something to keep your little ones happy. And, it’s one of the cheapest places for food in the world, meaning that you can enjoy all the tastes of Thailand on a budget.

It’s Economical:

Last but not least, Thailand is by far one of the most economical choices for a family vacation. Food is relatively cheap, with street food available for pocket change, and hotels tend to be far cheaper than what you’d find in other destinations such as Europe.

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