Provence – Franceprovence

Provence, France is a region of the country which is located in the southeastern part of France. It is bordered to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and bordered to the east by Italy. Because of its rich history, beautiful countryside, unique architecture, and wonderful weather, Provence is an excellent choice for any luxury villa rental and should be visited by anyone traveling to France or other areas of Europe.

Provence is an excellent holiday option for anyone interested in history. The region was first inhabited by early humans as far back as 900,000 BC. Some of the original inhabited sites can still be seen by tourists. In the city of Marseille, there is a Neolithic site which dates back to 6,000 BC. An ancient dolmen hut, which was built around 2,000 B.C, can be seen in Draguignan.

Another reason to visit is to see some of the historical architecture that Provence has to offer. There are many churches with medieval gothic architecture which are located in Nice, Marseille, Toulon and St. Tropez. Some of the most popular churches and structures are Cathedrale St. Sauveur, St. Trophime Cloister, Cimiez Convent, and Notre Dam de Bon Port. Another population historical monument is the Philippe de Bel, which is an observation tower that can provide beautiful views of the Provence region.

For individuals who are looking for a way to spend time enjoying the great outdoors, Provence has many beautiful parks. Some manmade gardens which draw crowds each year are the Jardin Exotique, Parc Borely, Rocher des Doms and the Mimosa Trail. There are also various natural reserves and parks in the Provence regions. These reserves and parks include Mercantour National Park, Park of the Ecrins, and Porqurolles Island.

Another reason to visit Provence is to experience the delicious food which is prepared in the region. Due to the climate of the Mediterranean region and the rugged landscape which is beneficial for sheep, the food of Provence is unlike any other region. The basic ingredients used in Provence based recipes are olives, olive oil, rockfish, sea urchan, octopus, other shell fish, lamb, grapes, peaches, and melons. The most classic dishes to come out of the Provence region are seafood dishes bouillabaisse and escabeche. Ratatouile, which is a dish made of stewed vegetables, also was originated in Provence.

Like many other regions that have villas to rent in France, Provence is well known for their wine production and amazing vineyards which can be visited. To take advantage of the land at their disposal, the most common wines produced in the Provence region are roses. Many roses produced in the Provence regions are highly sought after and highly acclaimed. Other wines, such as white wine, do not grow especially well in the region and are not regularly produced.