Revel In The Sights Of Moscows Past And Present

If you enjoy metropolitan holidays, Moscow is a city that should top your holiday list. As the cultural centre of Russia, the historic Russian city is filled with art museums, theatres, galleries, monoliths, and some of the most impressive architecture in all of Eastern Europe.

This post comes to us from  Bradley Fink offers a few thoughts on some of the key places to see in Moscow……

Moscow at Night

Red Square Culture

To see the sights of Moscow you will need at least a week. Many of the best attractions are in the vicinity of Red Square. Generally considered the heart of the city, Red Square is where you’ll find the very best of Russian culture. The most noticeable building in the square is the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral, with its richly coloured bell tower that rises toward the sky. Inside you’ll find a museum, certainly worth a look, but the building is most spectacular when admired from the outside.

Across from the Cathedral is the world famous Kremlin. This has been home to princes, tsars, and Russian leaders for many centuries. The complex features guided tours, gardens, a gem collection in the Armoury, and several incredible churches. In the Conference Centre you can watch a world class matinee ballet by the Moscow City Ballet, and then stroll along the banks of the nearby Moskva River.

If you want to explore in the daytime, make sure you take a look at Old Arbat Street. This one-kilometre pedestrian street is charming and packed with historic features. Filled with vendors, shops and artists, this avenue also has some trendy western restaurants. However, over the years Old Arbat Street has become a bit of tourist trap, with slightly higher prices than the rest of town. If you’re not sure  where to eat in Moscow, there are certainly better restaurants to be found on Tverskaya Street.

Galleries and Parks

The Tretyakov Gallery is to home the largest fine art collection in Russia, and is rated as one of the finest musuems of art in the world. It has more than 150,000 exhibits on display, and includes works by Ilya Repin, Andrei Rublev, and  Wassily Kandinsky. The gallery showcases work by Russians artists usually in russian settings, recording the development of the country and its people through from 11th- 20th Century.

If the weather is fine, then spend a day in Gorky Park and escape the traffic of the city streets. The park has walking paths, ponds, bridges, gardens and a variety of amusement rides, as well as places to lay back and have a quiet afternoon nap!