Volcanoes And Fine Wine In The Canaries

The island of Lanzarote, is 37 miles and 12 miles wide. Not huge, but big enough to have a fantastic holiday in gorgeously warm weather. If you feel in need of a quick break, check out airlines tickets – the prices are very tempting at the moment! It’s a sunny place, with a mild climate and little rainfall, so it ideal for a break, any time of the year. During the 18th and 19th Centuries, the island experienced a number of volcanic eruptions, which is evident in the rugged, orange and grey lunar landscape. The landscape has changed very little in 200 years since the eruptions took place so it looks quite rugged but the plant life is varied and rich. There’s lots of contrasting scenery between the bright blue sea, the barren rocks and the luscious tropical plants.

beach at Papagayo

Holiday Pastimes

Lanzarote is the fourth biggest of the Canary Islands and has several magnificent white sand beaches, found at Papagayo and Playa Blanca. The restrictions on development has meant that the island has not undergone a massive amount of building work, so there are no huge hotels to block out the sunset. Of course, there are hotel resorts along much of the coast, but its easy to find a quite spot.

It’s a great base for an uncomplicated holiday – the sort of place where you can take a couple of books, and your art kit and head for the beach. The water is clean and the beaches are safe, just remember that like any holiday destination, you should make sure you keep your valuables out of sight. Lanzarote is only about 80 miles off of the coast of Africa, so even on overcast days, it’s all too easy to get sunburnt, so ensure you have plenty of sunscreen available. Car hire is an inexpensive way to see the whole island and there are some interesting sights along the way – such as the longest Volcanic Tunnel in the World. It’s over 7 km long! Some of the volcanoes are still active and you can take a tour to see these in action.

English is widely spoken but it is advisable to learn some Spanish if you head off into the villages – it will also be appreciated. There are some very fine local vineyards, where you can sample the light, refreshing local wine with a selection of tapas. A tip – smoking is now banned in many public places, so if you smoke, its advisable to see if any local people are smoking before you light up!

You can enjoy an Island cruise on a yacht, and watch the coastline slip by, or if you enjoy boating, spend the morning at the main Marina – and sample some of the freshly cooked fish at one of the many seaside restuarants.

Up and Coming Events

You can witness one of the world most gruelling athletic competitions on Saturday, 21st May, when the Peurto Del Carmen Triathlon kicks off – also known as the Iron Man test, competitors swim, cycle and run huge distances for the chance to come home first across the line.  The Fiesta in Montana Blanca takes place on Tuesday 14th May, and Canary Islands Day is an annual celebration marking the day that the Canaries were granted autonomous status in 1983. This year, the celebrations are set for May 30th.

Lanzarote has a number of good information kiosks, found in Arrecife and Purerto Del Carmen and you can pick up information leaflets and the local news from the Airport on your arrival. Flights to Lanzarote leave from the majority of UK airports with Easy Jet so check out what’s on offer. When you land, its so easy to get around and its a great place for a sun filled, relaxing holiday. There are some fantastically cheap flights available now, so take advantage of the bargains before the summer holidays begin!