We pulled this from our recent comments as we thought it would be helpful to those enduring frustrations of airline check ins and an example of how clouds can have a very silver lining.

Guest Travel Writers

If you have any great travel stories or experiences to share please contact us here to suggest writing a guest post for this travel blog.  Long or short we welcome all your contributions.  You don’t have to be a professional travel writer – as the example below shows sharing your experience of real situations can be helpful to other readers.

Take the bumps with the smooth

Last summer my husband and I flew while on vacation. At every airport and flight along the way, it seemed that seats were overbooked. Since we were on a schedule to meet appointments, we couldn’t take advantage of the voluntary bump. However on our way home, we decided that we had the time to spend an extra evening in a hotel and realized the travel voucher being offered would allow us to take a “freebie” trip to visit relatives.

When we started our trip and they called for volunteers, we got up, but alas, we were too late. When we landed at our connecting airport, we decided to head straight to the gate of our final flight. We asked if the flight was overbooked and said we would offer to be bumped if the need arose. We were informed that the flight was full, but didn’t expect any problems, but the counter agent held onto our tickets just in case. As the flight was getting ready to board, our names as well as a couple others were called. We were informed that while the plane was not overbooked, they had given our assigned seats in coach to a family who wanted to all sit together. The counter agent then grinned and said he assigned us new seats. When I asked if we were still together, he just nodded and handed me the two tickets. I looked and saw they were for row 2 – In first class!!!! What a great way to end a vacation. So if you want to ride up front and don’t want to have to pay the full fare, be polite and offer to help offer to help others.

You never know when being good will return to you…….