Trains, planes and automobiles Eco-Cars?

Wooo its holiday time! Everyone likes to take a nice vacation now and then. Whether its jet-setting across the Atlantic to the new world, or popping across the channel to eat croissants or heading across the Pyrenees to sunny Spain. Everyone enjoys a good break away from the rigorous hum-drum of the modern day grind. With only 25 statutory holiday days a year, taking a vacation has become an integral part of the working year. It seems to me that at any one point half of the office appears to be either going or returning from some form of holiday and they are either showing off their sun tans or discussing where they are off to next. Within the last 20 years the commercial aviation industry has expanded tremendously and accessibility to far away exotic destinations has become as easy as hitting a budget airline’s website and clicking GO!

Enter your ecological conscience….

With the world’s environment steadily nose-diving (if you can believe the science) is it appropriate, or even ethical to continue purchasing cheap flights on low budget airlines, whose environmental credentials are driven more by money, rather than principles? For anyone with any sense it is clear that climate change is real, and it is an important factor that modern society will have to face up to and address. That is not to say that climate change has just suddenly appeared out of thin air. Environmental changes and disruptions have always affected our world. Ice ages, desertification, temperature changes and weather patterns have emerged and altered throughout the globe’s existence. However, since the dawn of man, humans have continued to terraform and change the planet mostly with little thought to the wide ranging consequences. As always science, materialism and production has driven human expansion. It has become a vicious cycle. Science creates something, then people crave it, then companies supply it. The demand for any product increases the likelihood that someone will attempt to invent something better to supplant it, and this once again sets off the cycle.

Power to the people…. Right on!

As consumers we have the ability to transform the direction of corporate design and production. If more people demanded environmentally friendly cars then more would be produced. The more demand there is the more companies will turn towards environmental design. This in turn will lead to increased competition which will drive prices down making Eco-cars more obtainable, which of course will help slow down the advance of irreversible climate change. A great way to begin this is too turn away from massive CO2 emitting budget airlines and attempt to go for a more carbon neutral holiday. There are numerous companies throughout the globe who already offer environmentally friendly packages; this includes eco-car hire, cars with low CO2 emissions and eco taxi services, ecological vacation packages, ideas on how to offset the carbon footprint from flying when other means of travel are either unavailable or unrealistic. Hiring a Toyota Prius is no different than hiring any other car when you’re abroad. Its fuel economic, does over 60mpg, loaded with all the mod-cons and most importantly emits only 104g/km of CO2. Companies are beginning to make the move towards more environmentally friendly options as the demand for them has increasingly grown over the last 10 years. The more people that partake in these packages the cheaper ecotourism will become. So next time you mull over your holiday choices try and avoid flying and look out for alternative ecotourism options.