Are you looking for an interesting city to visit in Europe? Or maybe even a few of them? Well, there are lots of ideas out there so it’s time to look into some of the cities that you’ve never been to but probably should.  Sure, there’s nothing wrong with London, Paris or Barcelona. But these are now tourist traps and many people never see the real side of them. If you want something more authentic, you should look beyond the obvious locations and consider options such as the ones we’re about to talk about.

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Maastricht is like many other classic Dutch cities. It has the canals and the buildings that simply take your breath away. But there is more to Maastricht than that because it’s also a very vibrant and youthful city. It has a great university, so there are plenty of young people about. And the bars and restaurants are always overflowing with life, so you won’t feel bored or isolated here.

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Granada, Spain

Granada is both part of Spain and separate from it at the same time. That’s because it’s found in the autonomous region of Andalucia. It has a culture of its own, and it’s laid back and relaxed. The scenery in the local area is simply beautiful, and it’s something you will definitely want to experience first-hand. It has a multicultural past and present, meaning the place always feels welcoming to newcomers.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Sweden is a pretty big and varied country, but so many of the people who visit never even think to step outside of Stockholm. That’s a big mistake because it means they’re missing out on stunning cities like Gothenburg. It’s a bit more hip and cool than Stockholm, and that’s probably linked to the fact that it’s not really a tourist destination, so sample it for yourself.

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Leeds, England

Leeds is easily overlooked but it has a lot going for it. It’s one of the biggest cities in the north of England, and it’s known for its proud sporting traditions in both football and rugby. But the modern city is about so much more, most notably the contemporary music scene. The Brudenell Social Club is one venue you should definitely check out. There are plenty of great places to stay too, like the Leeds Marriott Hotel. It’s a trip you won’t regret making.

Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is one of those pretty German cities that looks like it belongs in Medieval times. But the city manages to balance that picturesque image with a more modern and contemporary feel. It’s a youthful city thanks to the local university, and when you get down to it, you can see and feel that for yourself as you explore Freiburg in more depth.

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There are so many overlooked and underrated cities in Europe, and these are just a few examples of the best. There are plenty of others out there, so don’t fall into the traps of only visiting the same big capital cities that everyone visits. By branching out, you’ll experience so much more.